Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Order - Age of Consent (1984)

I heard this song on the radio yesterday and I was transported back to a summer eons ago when I took a road trip down to Mexico with "The Best of New Order" CD playing the entire day. Ahhh...the beautiful beaches, fresh delicious lobster, warm tortillas, and huge margaritas.

The boyfriend I took the trip with is a distant memory, (and so is Mexico for that matter), but it's summer again and it's great to get a flash from the past when the memory associated with it is a good one. I haven't thought about that trip in years.

As I'm typing up this post my 2 year old daughter is laughing at me as I'm bobbing my head to this timeless, slightly offbeat song that reminds me of a beautiful day in my 20's. As the song ends my daughter is clapping and demanding, "Again! Again!" A chip off the old block.

So excuse me but we'll be busy listening to this song over and over again for another half a dozen times. Ya know to make the kid happy and all.

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