Sunday, July 22, 2007


(This photo and the ones below are by mralenlin.)

(Neighborhood: Highland Park)
5137 York Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90042

Marty's is a new bar in Highland Park located on York Blvd. The owner also owns Mia Sushi on Eagle Rock Blvd. The bar is named after his son Marty. The restaurant is named after his daughter Mia.

As we were walking down York, a lady stopped at a signal light poked her head out of her car window and asked us if we knew where Marty's was. Funny you should ask, we're going there too, we said. Later we saw her at the bar and she thanked us for pointing her in the right direction.

The exterior is pretty nondescript, (you'll know the place by the sign and the big bouncer standing out front), but the inside is gorgeous. It looks and feels like a posh west side bar. Definitely a nice addition to Highland Park.
The interior is decorated in the same style as Mia Sushi with an Asian zen like decor and soft diffused lighting. Its gives the place great ambiance.This is a photo of the lounge area when you first walk in. Leather couches and tables, with a large built in skylight used as a lighting fixture above. It makes you forget that you're on York Blvd. It's so nice to have a bar like this locally and not have to drive all the way out to the west side for a bar with ambiance.

We've been to Marty's twice so far. The first time the service was so so, but the second time we had a bartender that was on it and the service was great.

We had dinner there as well.

What We Ordered
Caprese Salad - $8 (for my husband)
Caesar Salad - $7 (for me)
Sweet Potato Fries - $5 (we shared a side of fries)

Food was cheap! Caprese salad was good. Caesar salad was lacking something and the dressing was watery. I wouldn't get it again. The sweet potato fries were yummy! Those are a definite must order when we go back again. And yes, we will be back.

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