Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hell's Kitchen - Aaron can't stop crying

Aaron is a 48 year old Chinese retirement home chef who cracked under pressure, as a contestant on Hell's Kitchen (a reality cooking show with Chef Ramsey) and couldn't stop crying. I've never seen any grown man or woman cry like this.

He even fainted a couple of times, wanted to throw in the towel, but he stuck in there - at one point another team member saw Aaron standing around doing nothing and asked him, "Aaron what are you doing?" and Aaron's responded in all honesty with, "I'm not doing anything!"

After his last fainting spell, Aaron was rushed to the hospital and not allowed to return to the show. (I'm sure he was too much of a liability.) They claimed the doctors said he had a "dangerous medical condition" but didn't say what it was. Crazy. This is the stuff reality TV producers dream of.

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