Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Crazy Love

The relationship between Burt and Linda Pugach (now married 33 years) is the focus of this documentary film, aptly named "Crazy Love" produced by filmmaker Dan Klores (who also made the documentary "Boys of 2nd Street Park").

Burt & Linda's story goes like this:
In 1959 Burt was a married man with a child dating Linda Riss, a 21 year old woman. When Linda discovered Burt was married, she broke off their relationship. Burt started to stalk her and do some crazy things. Then when he found out Linda was engaged to be married to another man, Burt hired some men to attack her, throwing lye in her face, blinding and disfiguring her. Burt went to jail for 14 years, during which time he corresponded with Linda. While he was in jail, although he was disbarred he still helped some murderers find loop holes in their cases and got them released from jail. He started charging for his services and sent the proceeds to Linda. When he was released in 1974, Burt and Linda resumed their relationship and married soon thereafter. They co-wrote a book in the 1970's "A Very Different Love Story".

"Crazy Love" is the craziest love story I've ever heard of. What a bunch of characters! Burt even cheated on Linda while they were married, and his mistress claimed Burt threatened to kill her. This made the headlines and there was a media frenzy surrounding it. All the while, Linda defended him and was Burt's biggest supporter. I'm not sure if this is love or insanity. Whatever the case, it's another example of how life sometimes is stranger than fiction.

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