Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bjork Concert at Nokia Theater LA 12/12/2007

This was my fourth time seeing Bjork in concert, and first time at the new Nokia Theater in Downtown Los Angeles (next to Staples Center).

No matter how many times you've seen her live, it's always exciting and you never know what to expect. She's always reinventing herself and her concerts are a feast for the eyes and spirit.

Colorful Chinese banners were used for set design, and Bjork wore a quirky reflective silver costume and headband. We also got to hear/experience her sweet "thank you's" tinged with her Icelandic accent and for some reason a few "gracious's" as well.

The audience was on their feet the entire concert. The spider web thread was a nice touch and kept people standing afraid they'd miss something if they sat down. And there was pyrotechnics as well. It was just that kind of concert.

To the guy that was standing in front of me wearing a floppy desert hat. I own a similar type of hat which my mom commented, "Did you just come back from Iraq?" when she saw me wearing it. I get it when you're at Coachella, out in the hot desert sun. It's a great hat for being out in the elements. But in an air conditioned, pitch black, closed concert theater? Not so much.

I was however happy to see lots of other cooler hats in the audience and people who dressed up.

Bjork announced this will be the last time she plays in the United States for probably 3 years.

Complete Setlist for the Evening
01. Intro - Brennið Þið Vitar
02. Anchor Song
03. Immature
04. Unravel
05. Unison
06. Jóga
07. Hunter
08. The Pleasure Is All Mine
09. Pagan Poetry
10. Who Is It
11. Cocoon
12. Earth Intruders
13. Army Of Me
14. Innocence
15. Cover Me
16. Wanderlust
17. Hyperballad
18. Pluto

19. Oceania
20. Declare Independence

Ratatat - the opening band

The keyboardist reminded me of "Animal" - that's right the muppet. U. was in stitches watching his theatrics, head banging to each note, and doing back bends for extended periods of time. Usually I wouldn't laugh, but he had a huge afro, dressed in a checkered shirt and acted completely ridiculous- it was just too much and I had to laugh out loud a few times myself.

Nokia Theater
It's very cool that we have another concert venue in Los Angeles. I like the location and it was surprisingly convenient to get in an out of. Also appreciated the advertising free atmosphere inside the theater. Orchestra seats were nice, but it looked like wherever you sat, you'd have a good view. The one downside was the parking - $25. The theater is pretty sparse inside. It leaves you feeling like maybe it's unfinished. Or were they just trying to be minimal with plain black?

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