Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Former Bond girl Jane Seymour dances the Foxtrot

Jane Seymour, age 56 is the oldest female contestant to appear on Dancing with the Stars. In this video clip she's dancing the Foxtrot to "Let's fall in love." She looks great!

Jane dreamed of becoming a professional ballerina until she had an injury at age 16. You can tell from her dancing that she has a ballet background. She's very graceful.

Sadly her mom died after the 2nd show, so she took a break from the show to attend the funeral and mourn and then she trained hard for her next dance, the Tango, and dedicated the dance to her mom.

I haven't been watching this season, but I've searched for clips on Youtube just to check out the new round of contestants (i.e., Wayne Newton, Marie Osmond, Melanie B. aka Scary Spice) just for curiosity sake.

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