Saturday, July 14, 2007

Long Live George

So last night U. and I were at Colorado Wine Company for their Friday night wine tasting. In my last post here, I mentioned that the bartender always seems to have amnesia when he sees us, acting like it's the very first time (and not EVERY Friday that he sees us), and we wanted to see if he would finally remember us after U.'s tip last week.

So with much anticipation we waited in line at the bar with our 2 cards for the wine tasting and when we got up to counter this is how it went down:

Bartender: Hi. Are you here for the wine tasting?
U.: Yes. (as always)
Bartender: For just the 2 of you?
U.: Yes (again, as always!)

Both of us sighed - looked at each other and rolled our eyes. Then U. shooed me off to get some cheese and crackers. The guy obviously didn't remember us. Again! How is that possible?

We cheered up when we got a table with 2 chairs (score!).

Afterwards, when U. went back to the bar for our 2nd wine, he saw a sign saying that the bartender is leaving. U. asked the new guy (George) if he was the new bartender in training. He is! After George and U. shook hands and made introductions; U. tipped him. Let's hope he has a better memory than the old bartender - and we finally get a bartender who remembers us!

A toast was in order - "Long live George!"

Good news - new bartender George, Jen the owner is pregnant, we found seats

Bad news - we didn't like any of the 5 wines & we went home without buying a single bottle of wine - that's a first! - and it was super LOUD in the store tonight. You had to shout to be heard. We might have to switch it up and go on another night - like Sundays when they have higher end wines and maybe aren't so busy. We'll just have to see how it is next Friday.

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