Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Friday the 13th!

Tonight is date night. I'm going with my better half to our beloved Colorado Wine Company for their Friday wine tasting: "Friday The 13th Part X: Jason Sips Without Swirling."

Let's see if we get a warmer welcome from the bartender this week. Week after week (seriously - we're there every Friday), the same bartender serves us, but he always acts like it's the first time he's ever seen us.

Cowineco does everything right, except for this. We're regulars (& locals) and we always leave with 5 or so bottles of wine - (I joke that we can't leave that store without trekking a case of wine out to the car) - even the owners John & Jen know us. I've even chatted with the guy, so it feels weird that there's no trace of recognition whatsoever on his end.

So last week U. tipped him to see if that would make any difference. It seemed to in that U. got more wine in his pour, but the ultimate test will be tonight. When we walk up to the bar will we be met a warm "Hi guys, nice to see you again" or the usual aloof "How can I help you?"

Well it is Friday the 13th, so if we do get more of the usual - the downright spookiness of it all will go with tonight's theme.

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