Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Oinkster

(Photo by Tales of an LA Addict)

For dinner last night we headed over to The Oinkster (near Colorado Wine Company) in Eagle Rock.

The Oinkster
2005 Colorado Blvd.
Eagle Rock, CA

(Photo by By Ollylain)

They have a nice outdoor patio area, with trees and surrounded by Asian reeds. There's nothing to the inside (it looks like a generic diner with booth seats), but the outdoor patio really makes the place. And they have beer on tap (which closed the deal for U.).

I heard about this place some time ago from friends, but never wanted to go there because I thought it was a greasy spoon hamburger joint. I don't eat beef, and I try to eat pretty healthy so I didn't think there would be anything there that I would want to eat. But then I read on that they have rotisserie chicken, so I decided to give it a try. (A plus is that it's located just down and across the street from Colorado Wine Company - which is perfect to grab a bite to eat after our wine tasting.)

What we ordered: ½ Chicken with garlic aioli, crispy Belgian fries and red cabbage slaw
Price: $7.50 each

Praise: The food was cheap, I liked the outdoor patio area, it's local and convenient, they have beer on tap, service was good and quick, and they have a diet black cherry cola (yummy!)

Criticism: They served the chicken on Styrofoam plates (bad for the environment as well as a waste, plus it makes a gross sound when you're cutting into your chicken with plastic utensils), the fries had too much salt on them (next time I'll request little or no salt), and the chicken was on the greasy side (surprising for a rotisserie chicken).

Overall: It was okay. It has a relaxed, casual atmosphere (full of hipsters) and you can't beat the price. Because of the grease we won't be frequent diners, but on occasion we'll probably be back just because it's located so close to Colorado Wine Company.

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