Monday, December 15, 2008

Flu Vaccine Mist Up the Nose

Yes, it's true - no more flu shots. There's now a FluMist nasal flu vaccine that's administered by spray rather than injection.

I was with my kid at her pediatrician's office and asked about getting a flu shot. I was all prepared to get my flu shot first to show her how brave I was and how it's over in a jiffy. But the doctor recommended a nasal flu vaccine and said the only side effect is a slight runny nose (and it's $5 more). No more shots? Are you serious? We're so in!

So my 3 year old daughter and I both took it up the nose. It didn't hurt at all. You just inhale it up through each nostril. Not one iota of discomfort even. I didn't even have a runny nose afterwards.

Another added benefit: It's also a good alternative for parents who are afraid of thimerosal, the controversial mercury-containing vaccine additive that's still present in flu shots.

And even better yet, it's injection free so my kid wasn't traumatized this time!


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's best to avoid 50,000 parts per billion of ethylmercury injected into the body -- especially when the EPA "safe" level for ingested water is 4 ppb.

But read the Flumist package insert -- viral shedding occurs up to 2 weeks after administration. In a clinical trial, a placebo child caught the vaccine-strain influenza from the classmates who received Flumist.

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