Sunday, May 11, 2008

Iron Man (an enjoyable modern day comic hero with a believeable Robert Downey Jr. but what was Gweneth Paltrow doing in that movie?)

I think that's the longest title I've ever given a blog post.

I saw the movie "Iron Man" at The Vista tonight. Before I get into the movie, let me just say that I love that movie theatre. With it's Hollywood Egyptian motif (you know whoever they commissioned to make those 10 huge Egyptian heads is still talking about it - or his/her surviving family members are), a single/huge theatre (you never have to tell the ticket master what movie you want to see because there is only one) and lots of leg room (unheard of in today's theaters).

So how was the movie?
I expected the worst. When U. told me he wanted to see this movie I made him promise that he'd go and see a chick flick with that he would NEVER under usual circumstances go and see in the movie theater (like the Lars and the Real Girl). The big draw for me was seeing a movie at The Vista, and seeing Robert Downey, Jr. (who I think is a brilliant actor). So I was blown away when the movie opened in Afghanistan. Talk about a true modern day comic book hero!

I was entertained throughout the entire movie. Robert Downey, Jr. plays a believable comic book hero and the technology they feature in the movie is awesome. Like when he's building this model of a high tech arm, and reaches into the floating hologram design to try it out. It was a fun, "popcorn movie" as U. likes to describe big blockbuster films. You know you're not going in to see an Oscar movie, and feel a bit guilty that you're not watching a movie with artistic merit, (we were considering the documentary about Abu Ghraib, but not on mother's day - just too disturbing and upsetting - although we still plan to see it). But it was an entertaining, action packed movie.

Jeff Bridges was good in it too. I couldn't figure out why Gweneth Paltrow was in this movie though. She plays a small part as the main character's personal assistant and love interest. She takes like 4th billing in the movie and that role does nothing to showcase her talent or further her acting career (as a serious actress that is). Whenever she would appear in the movie they seemed to focus on her body (tight skirts and backless dress), and she seemed to have difficulty walking in those stiletto heels.

But overall 2 thumbs up from both U. and I.

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