Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day 2008!

This was the 1st mother's day that my daughter was able to tell me, "Happy Mother's Day!" That was the best present this year. She also made me a drawing, and a cool arts & crafts rose at preschool.

U. also presented me with a new pink nano iPod (i can't get over how tiny and powerful it is- it fits into the palm of my hand, but it's got more features and even more powerful than my old iPod - I have the album covers I can choose from which is super sweet). But here's the kicker - U. downloaded songs from all the bands at Coachella this year that I liked. How thoughtful is that?! So here I am listening to The Verve on my iPod. (Which song you ask? The song, "The Drugs Don't Work." A beautiful song that we saw them perform at Coachella.)

Just got back from Mother's Day brunch with the fam at House of Blues in Hollywood. I finally got to see & experience their Sunday Gospel performance for the first time. What a treat!

No preaching - just guitar and singing (the performers dressed in soulful, flamboyant costumes)- and pointing out that everyone has something to be thankful for - even just waking up this morning. Hallelujah to that! We take a lot for granted don't we? A few volunteers stood up and said what they were thankful for and sang "Thank you!" into the microphone. I looked over at my devoted husband, and our beautiful angel of a daughter we created together, who is our pride and joy (and gives us both gray hairs) - and my heart swelled.

I have so much to be thankful for. I am thankful for the privilege of everyday that my husband and daughter are a part of my life and knowing their love. I am thankful to experience this crazy whirlwind of a journey called parenthood with a wonderful partner. I am thankful to be a mother.

Happy Mother's day!

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