Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Los Feliz 3 - Mommy & Me Wednesday Matinee

(Pictured above: My kid all smiles after watching her first movie.)

Los Feliz 3
1822 Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027,

The Los Feliz 3 movie theater offers "Mommy & Me Matinee" every Wednesday at 10:30 A.M.

$4.50 for adults. Children under 4 are free.

Top 3 Reasons to Go

1. You can see a movie without having to get a babysitter. (And if your kid is old enough - it's pretty awesome to share that "first time at the movies" experience with them.)

2. You don't have to wait until your kid is old enough to know what movies are playing, and begs and pleads for you to take them to see some annoying Disney movie. In other words, you pick the movie YOU want to see.

3. You won't annoy anyone if your kid makes noise, because everyone in the theater has a kid and understands how it is. In fact your kid can even walk around and play in the aisles if they want to.

Best movie to see
My daughter and I saw Juno. It was the ideal movie for a "mommy & me matinee" because there wasn't a lot of action, and the plot wasn't complicated - so when I looked away from the screen to attend to my kid, or when another kid in the movie theater was crying, I didn't miss anything.

The cheapest movie you ever saw could turn into the most expensive
Wednesdays between 12:00 and 3:00 there's street cleaning, so just just make sure you don't park on that side of the street, to avoid getting a $50 parking ticket.


CitizenRobots said...

I always tell mums about these screenings!

I have a soft spot for this theater. Crummy. Tiny. Yet more real to me than any clean megamonsterplex.

Anonymous said...

i think i am going to check this out today, finally!

Anonymous said...

better than the mommy and me on Mondays at the Grove. They show all the crap movies. Its sad.

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Hi this is a nice matinee cause i can be with my kids .bye

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Beautiful bonding that the two of you can do together. Don't let that slip away.

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going to check this out today, finally

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Don't let that slip away.

Elliott Broidy said...

Adorable. Treasure those moments!