Saturday, December 29, 2007

Our neighbors must think we're crazy

We're having our house painted. "The neighbors must think we're crazy" commented U. when we saw the colors up on the house for the first time. And he thinks of this song, "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley (see video above) every time he sees it.

To reflect our taste and personalities, U. and I picked some very bright and modern colors for the house:

Exuberant Orange
Indigo Night (blue)
with some bright white trim to make both colors really pop

We had the interior walls of our house painted when we first purchased the house, each room painted a different bright color, but the outside of the house sat there a dull blue/gray and dingy white. It didn't reflect who we were in any way. We're both creative and love modern funky design (the opposite of cookie cutter). It's been long overdue for a change and face lift. It makes me happy to see the transformation each day.

This morning our neighbor across the street approached me and said, "It's so bright!" and then asked my 2.5 year old daughter if she picked out the colors. We were expecting that kind of reaction.

Although we live in LA in an area of the city that's pretty eclectic and all the homes are custom built, (so each home is unique in look and feel), we're the young, quirky couple with a kid on our street. (I guess we can add "crazy" now too to the list of adjectives our neighbors would use to describe us.)

So we shocked the bejesus out of our neighbors. At least it'll give them something to talk about.

Good riddance to boring! Hello bright, modern, invigorating house!

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Trailhead said...

You should post a pic of the colors! It sounds great.