Friday, November 09, 2007

So glad The Amazing Race is back (12th Edition)

Best family show on network TV. You can watch this show with your grandparents, parents, spouse, child(ren), and friends. It's a race around the globe (this time traveling more than 30,000 miles from Ireland to Croatia in 28 days), a competition, a bonding experience (ripe for tension and meltdowns), a travel show, and a game show all in one.

Here are a few of my favorite teams this season:Ronald & Christina
(Gotta love the "Who's your Daddy" shirt.)

"A father/daughter team who are competing in the race to make up for lost time. Since Ronald was constantly traveling for work throughout much of his daughter's formative years, Christina hopes the Race will allow her father--a self-proclaimed workaholic--to stop and smell the roses and provide them with some meaningful time together."
Jennifer & Nathan
(Couple to provide best entertainment value with all their fighting.)

"This couple first met in college while living together with other friends. Both admit they couldn't stand each other at first, but soon grew closer and started dating. They've broken up several times in their two-year courtship (Nathan even admits to cheating with another woman), but remain true to each other. In one breath each will tell you that the other is their soul-mate and in the next, they'll tell you how much the other drives them crazy."
Kynt & Vyxsin
(Every reality show needs a goth couple.)

"These best friends have been dating on and off for over three years. Both are active in their local scene, regularly hosting and acting as emcee at rock shows and club nights. Between the two of them they've collectively had their hair dyed 18 different colors. The most difficult part of the race will undoubtedly be keeping up their daily make up routine."


Sphincter said...

I liked the dad-daughter team too until the dad went psycho this past episode. I felt so bad for the daughter!

Rose said...

I thought the same. His daughter kept trying to keep him from making an a*s out of himself on national TV, but he wouldn't listen. He has issues!