Sunday, October 14, 2007

Galaxy Soccer Game 10/13/2007

Yesterday we went to a Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Toronto FC Major League Soccer game at the Home Depot Center.

It looks like I have a white streak in my hair, but I swear it's just a blond highlight and bad lighting that make it appear that way.

Beside me in the photo is my friend Leslie (and beside her is her husband Bart). U. took the photo with his iPhone.

It was the second to last Galaxy game this season to be played at home. They needed to win this game in order to stay in the running for a spot in the Playoffs.
We sat right behind the players and watched the team win its fifth consecutive game by defeating Toronto FC, 2-1, in front of a sellout crowd of 27,000 in Carson.

Since we were sitting so close, we also had the honor of watching the new Ms. Galaxy be crowned up close and personal. Who knew there was such a thing?

I spent many client lunches at the Home Depot Center restaurant overlooking the soccer field, but this was my first time attending a soccer game and sitting inside the stadium. (Now the restaurant is closed to the public.) U. asked if I was reliving the memories. Ha!In the weeks leading up to the game I knew Mr. Galaxy aka David Beckham was injured, so I didn't expect him to be playing. But then earlier in the week this announcement came out: "Galaxy President Alexi Lalas said Thursday that he was he's hopeful Beckham could play in one or both of the team's final home games."

In the end he didn't play. He wasn't on the bench either. Disappointing. Even with an injury he still should have been on the sidelines rooting his team on.

Since we were sitting in the VIP section with it's own private bar (the best seats in the house) we were looking for Posh, but didn't see her either.

I heard that Beckham came out onto the field, (from the club's suite) after the game was over to congratulate the team, but I missed it.

Overall I felt many of the penalties called against Toronto were unwarranted, but it was fun to watch the Canadian fans who would have won for most spirited, and it was a good time. Soccer games are MUCH shorter in duration, and require less fan commitment than baseball games. I've been to Dodger games where we had a 14 inning stretch because the game was tied forever and to make matters worse it was freezing and the stands weren't selling anything (not even coffee or hot chocolate). Compared to MLB games, a 2.5 hour MLS game is a breeze.

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