Thursday, August 16, 2007

World's Best First Class

Top 10 in 1st Class Air Travel
(Posted by Forbes)

1. Qatar Airways
2. Singapore Airlines
3. Cathay Pacific
4. Malaysia Airlines
5. Thai Airways
6. Emirates
7. Jet Airways
8. Lufthansa
9. Korean Air
10. Qantas Airways

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Trailhead said...

Mr. T's company offers him a choice when flying overseas: a first-class ticket or a nice fat bonus for flying economy. I have to admit, if it were me, I'd bypass the bonus and sit in first class for that long-ass trans-Pacific flight. But he braves economy every single time.

But with a kid, there's no question about it. We were pondering taking the kid to Shanghai with us this fall (till we found out Mr. T didn't have to go to Shanghai this fall) and we knew we'd have to shell out for first class.

Anonymous said...

I'm flying Jet Airways Heathrow to Mumbai in October. Alas, I'll probably find myself nowhere near the 80+ inch flat bed, champaigne, and flat screen TV of their first class. I will, on the other hand, be wrangling 4 dozen 19-year-old undergraduate students.