Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tony Villaragosa can't get enough attention

You'd think with the scandal, pending divorce and everyone finding out his real name is "Tony", would be enough to make the guy lay low for awhile - but nope he's out there crashing dinner parties. He can't seem to get enough attention.

The photo above was taken at Providence on Melrose. My husband is the blond in the photo, who is annoyed underneath that polite smile.

He did not appreciate it when Tony came up behind him and grabbed his shoulder in a death grip, asking everyone at the table, "How's everyone doing tonight?! Is everyone having a good time?!" And no he's NOT The owner of the restaurant in case you were wondering.

Let's just hope someone runs against him who is qualified, has charisma, and is less creepy as the Mayor of LA, when election time rolls around.


Le Meems said...

Rose, my dear, I am tagging you.

You're IT!

p.s. How was Santa Barbara Wine Tasting?

Rose said...

Hi Mimi,

Thanks for the shout out, but I'll have to pass on the meme.

The SB wine tasting was great. Below is the url for the post.

Trailhead said...

I think the only cool thing about him is that he merged his last name with his wife's. Which, as we now know, didn't work out all that well anyway.