Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's new at the LA Zoo?

"Spider City" is the new temporary exhibit at the LA Zoo, (located in the former koala house), which features 25 different species of spiders. It also has an interactive display booth out in front where kids can touch spiders (both live and ones encased in plastic). And there's the huge Tarantula cut out (see photo above) for photo ops.

The spider exhibit runs through October 31, 2007.I was more excited about the addition of this new misting machine. I dunno what it is about the zoo, but it always feels 10 degrees hotter there than at home (and we don't live that far from there). The cooling mist felt great and was placed in the perfect location, before the long walk uphill to see the Chimpanzees.

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Trailhead said...

We have the mists at the Oregon Zoo, thank goodness.

What is it about zoos that make them feel so hot? Are they urban heat islands?