Monday, June 11, 2007

What happened to Donna Pescow?

Donna Pescow - Then (1977)
Back then she was described as an affable, petite actress (she's 5'1") who got her big break with a role as the rejected partner of dancer Tony Manero (John Travolta) in "Saturday Night Fever". Donna gained 40 pounds for her role as Annette in the movie.
Donna Pescow - Now
I was watching the last episode of The Sopranos last night, and I couldn't stop thinking about the actress who plays the role of Donna Parisi (wife of Patsy Parisi). I knew I had seen her before. I never forget a face. I recognized the familiar facial expressions and the way she raised her eyebrows when speaking. Other than that, she's almost unrecognizable. She used to be this tiny, cute girl. Now she's playing the role of a mobster's wife on the Sopranos and she's much heavier. On The Sopranos they had her hair done in a big black hairdo, which made it even more difficult to place where I had seen her before. Wow...what a drastic change.


Chuk said...

Hi Rose,

I love Donna Pescow too. I have been watching the the theme song video to her 1979 show Angie over and over today. Do you know how I can see her on The Soprano on utube or another format.


Vancouver, British Columbia

Nora said...

El tiempo pasa y las mujeres igual que los hombres tienen derecho a envejecer con dignidad.

Anonymous said...

thanx alot n ora you none english speaking no tax paying mexican

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Nora.

"Anonymous", what an ignorant and vulgar comment. Let's hope you've become more intelligent during the years that have passed.

--another Anonymous

Anonymous said...

I know this is many year since the original post. This woman is in her 50's In the last Soprano episode maybe she's gained weight, aged, decided to play a character that did not require sex appeal. So sad that she is still being held to the standard of a 20 something year old woman. When I read these post I wish I could visualize the person posting through the years and see if they live up to the aging process.

Ps. The basic translation from my spansh speaking fried is; why can't women be allowed the grace to grow old the way men do.

Anonymous said...

I had such a crush on Donna Pescow when I was a kid. I loved watching Angie. I can't believe that was over 30 years ago! Angie had one of the greatest openings of any sitcom. The theme song, Different Worlds, sung by Maureen McGovern still "plays" in my mind.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that Donna is still active in the entertainment arena. She's still a very attractive lady. I'll always remember Donna from her Angie days. I so loved that show! It would be cool for there to be a cast reunion from Angie. Robert Hays, Donna Pescow and Doris Roberts. It's sad that Debralee Scott (Marie Falco) has passed on.