Monday, June 11, 2007

Bob Barker's 50 Years in Television - Part 2

Click here to watch Part 2 on youtube. (For some reason I'm not able to post the youtube video directly.)

0 to 1:40
A clip showing how the contestants have shown their love for Bob Barker over the years on The Price Is right.

1:40 to 3:05
Clips from the TV show “Truth or Consequences.” (Not worth watching.)

3:05 to 3:40
Clip of Bob Barker on an episode of Bonanza.

3:40 to 8:05
Live Price Is Right show.

8:05 to 8:30
Supposedly the most memorable moment on The Price Is Right show. A female contestant “comes on down” and her boobs pop out of her tube top.

8:30 to end
Falls, spills & mishaps.

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