Sunday, October 31, 2010

Memories of Dad that make me smile & cry

I do a lot of thinking & remembering Dad when I'm driving by myself. Little random memories about him that make me smile and cry.
  • The time Dad bought an outrageously expensive "perfect" Christmas tree that I had my heart set on at the Christmas tree lot.
  • All the times Dad went with me to get my car serviced and tires changed. He didn't mind paying that $500 bill b/c he knew I would be safe on the street.
  • Dad telling me to relax and take a "snooze". (I tell my daughter to do the same. Just saying the word "snooze" reminds me of Dad.)
  • Falling asleep while watching the game with my dad. (Football, Baseball, Basketball, and yes even Bowling.)
  • Dad "the tooth fairy" kept all my baby teeth in his bathroom medicine cabinet.
  • Halloween's past when my dad would take us trick or treating and walk behind us kids, so we could be with our friends and have fun, yet he'd be there if any older kids tried to start trouble.
  • Dad always kept a room in his house for me, even years after I moved out and he purchased a different home that I had never lived in, so I could always have a room to come home to.

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