Monday, August 09, 2010

Homeopathic Bath Remedy

A massage therapist gave me a tip for a homeopathic bathing remedy. No surprise I've got a twinge in my neck & my body is all out of whack. I tried it. It's great. I'm hooked.

Here's the recipe...

16 oz box of baking soda (pour entire contents into tub)
fill the same box with Epsom salts (pour into the tub)
Fill the bathtub with the hottest water you can withstand just enough to cover your knees
Sit it the water for a bit until you get used to the temperature & then fill the bathtub the rest of the way.
Soak your entire body from the tip of your head to your toes.
Massage those areas where you have pain & are sore.
Afterward don't rinse off - just towel dry lightly & let the salt continue to work it's magic.

So refreshing! It took away a lot of the aches & pains (at least temporarily). Especially the feet which wasn't even on my radar. Wearing high heels all day even in the most comfortable shoes gives you sore feet. After this bath potion, my feet felt great! Plus it's a natural deodorant. No chemicals - just super clean & fresh.

The first time I tried it the water was all cloudy. He said to expect this from the toxins leaving the body. Every time since the water has been clear. And he recommended stretching in the bath & massaging away those knots & getting into the muscle.

Super easy & it helps.


Trailhead said...

So trying this.

Rose said...

TH - Did you try it?