Saturday, July 10, 2010

Goodbye Facebook & hello again blog

After my dad passed away on the 4th of July, 2010 I was so filled with sadness & grief and longing to reconnect with him (still am) that I took to Facebook and wrote about his passing & posted some old vintage photos of him. I asked my husband, "Is it too much? Or okay?" He responded that it was just fine. Yet after a few posts he said to me, "You may want to start blogging again. People don't know how to respond to grief and anyway Facebook should be kept light."

So here I am back to my blog away from home. I hope that blogging will help me through my grief, both in mourning the loss of my dad's life & sharing my experience with others. No one knows how painful it is to lose a parent, until it happens to you. No amount of preparation can prepare you for the pain you will experience when it happens. As my husband describes it, "It's like getting kicked in the balls." It brings you to your knees emotionally.

So as I feel the need to get things off my chest, I will be blogging away. In essence resurrecting this blog. I'll continue to post on FB with more lighthearted material like pics of my daughter & what events I'm attending. Friends can click on the "like" button and see what I'm up to. Blogging will be more cathartic in nature, helping me speak from my soul, so that only those interested in reading it can, and those who would rather not be bothered, won't be.


Trailhead said...

There aren't enough characters on Facebook for what we used to do with our blogs.

I'm going back to THC myself.

I'm glad you came back here. These posts are a treasure trove of history and feeling. I feel privileged to read them. I've gone through few kleenexes so far. Peace and strength, my friend.

Rose said...

We always enjoyed reading each other's blogs. You're right, a blog allows you to express feelings much better than short quips on FB. I remember reading about your life when you went through your painful divorce, the death of your grandparent, and new-found love. Life is a journey. Some pain & hopefully much joy. Thank you for sharing my journey.