Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ever have one of those days...

...when you're trying to wind down, but you take work home, and then you can't just go to bed, but it's already morning?

Random stuff I stumbled upon this morning:

  1. A virtual tour of my ex-bf's house in Chicago - of which he put on video, narrated and posted to YouTube.

  2. An essay submitted by a friend of mine to the Paris essay contest.

I've got to get to sleep. Sheep...1, 2, 3...anvil.


Jen said...

Oh, yeah. I know of what you speak.

This virtual tour -- is he trying to sell the house or is his house just cool, thus warranting a youtube tour?

Rose said...

He moved from Los Angeles to Chicago so I think he did it more for his friends and family - to show them how far the $ goes there.