Sunday, August 03, 2008

Two things you're most grateful for

(A photo of us from our recent family vacation to Fiji.)

At the end of each Yoga practice when our instructor asks us to think about two things in our lives we're the most grateful for - it's an easy one for me - it's always my husband and our daughter.

They bring me the most love and happiness I've ever experienced in my life.

They're both traveling to Germany now to be with U.'s terminally ill mother to pay their last respects.

Before leaving U. asked me what I would be doing with all my time. We both looked at each other and I really didn't want to say it -but we both knew the answer. U. said to me, "Don't work too much okay? Make some time for yourself." I realized that if it wasn't for my family - I would be a chronic workaholic.

Not only are they the best and most cherished things in my life, but I also realized they keep me balanced and human.

I love them very much (and miss them already) and wish them a safe journey (there and back to me).

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