Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend in Austin, Texas

I'm spending the weekend in Austin, TX with U., who is attending a media conference here. We're staying at the Hyatt Regency - Lost Pines Resort and Spa. We flew in early Saturday morning.

Here are some random 1st observations of Austin
  • Lush & green (unexpected for TX)
  • Chilled beer on the bus/shuttle from the airport to our hotel (open containers of alcohol allowed in a moving vehicle)
  • Mobile homes for $40K
  • Fireworks superstore (biggest I've EVER seen)
  • Restaurant with sign "Bikers Welcome"
  • Cows & bulls grazing in the lush grass
  • Smiley face painted on a water tank
  • 15 minute drive from the entrance to the resort, to the lobby
  • People are very friendly here
Last night we met with Amanda - a friend and former co-worker of U.'s - who lives here and showed us the local haunts.

Today I slept in, ordered room service, read, and worked out. Later when the sun goes down a bit I'm heading out to the lazy river to get wet and enjoy the beautiful day. Just what the doctor ordered. =)

This resort is huge and there's lots to do for families (even horseback riding). Makes me want to come back with Astrid. Who by the way is spending a fun filled weekend with her Godmother. Yesterday was her ballet class and lots of swimming on a hot day. This morning they fed all the animals - which I'm sure was a treat for her - since she LOVES animals (her Godmother has 2 dogs and 3 cats). Later today her Godmother is taking her clothes shopping and then to a vintage car show. Lots of new sights and sounds and experiences. A treat for both of us - since she's having fun with her Godmother, and U. and I can have an adult weekend away to ourselves.

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AustinAngela said...

Welcome to Austin. Glad you've liked your stay. :)