Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to the man who lit Sarah Silverman's joint

"Is it a milestone birthday?" asked a coworker.
"No, I just want to do something nice for my husband."

Evening's itinerary

  • Rushed home early from work with a babysitter lined up and a stretch limo waiting for us with chilled champagne in the backseat.
  • 9 course tasting at Sona.
  • Nice touch - U.'s menu had "Happy Birthday U." printed at the top. When leaving they gave us the menu in a white envelope as a keepsake to take home.
  • Unlike Providence where they ask you if there is something wrong with the dish if any portion remains uneaten, here at Sona many dishes went back half eaten and no one questioned it.
  • Food highlight - the palate cleanser (pineapple sorbet and I forget what else), and the blue cheese with honey was orgasmic (I don't believe I've ever used that description to describe food before - I must be getting old.)
  • Stump the waiter - each dish had so many complex ingredients that invariably the waiters would have problems remembering the last ingredient and would either pause and wrack their brains or go back to the kitchen to ask and report back to us.
  • A 2 and a half hour dinner - whew - feels like you need a 7th inning stretch before the desserts come out.
  • After dinner our limo whisked us away to the Santa Monica pier. Today was the lighting ceremony of the new ferris wheel and the amusement park is open until midnight. Riding the lit ferris wheel at night, over the ocean seemed like a good idea but (lots of other people thought it was a good idea too) and the line snaked around for about a 2 hour wait. We decided to pass this time and come back on a Sunday with our kid.
  • We share a warm churro on the walk back to the limo. U keeps saying, "this is SO good." We just enjoyed a $600 dinner and yet a $2.75 churro is the perfect nightcap.
  • My husband thanks me for the 50th time as he pours himself another glass of champagne.

Happy birthday honey. Sweet dreams on your birthday.

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