Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fort Knox

At my previous job we had security galore. A security badge was required to get into the building and/or sign in at the lobby desk. Security badge required for the elevators, and then again at each floor to be granted entrance. Even to this day vendors who I talk to say it's very difficult to get to my previous employer's offices, as they have to go to reception on the 6th floor, let the receptionist know who they are there to see, and then someone would come down from the 7th floor to meet them.

So now I work for a firm with much less ado about security. You need a security badge to get into the building, but that's about it. You'd think this would be better right?


I went to the office this morning (Sunday) to try and get some work done and the place was inaccessible. My security card did not do the trick. I guess I have to let someone know when I plan to come in on the weekends so I can get pre-authorized access. That was never an issue with my previous firm. They had a number of check points but with my badge I could whiz on through. Now I only have 1 checkpoint and the place was locked down like Fort Knox. Oh the irony.

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