Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I Voted

(That's me behind my daughter, voting.)

The most exciting Presidential Primary ever! It even got my apathetic self (anyone remember the 2000 Bush vs. Gore experience?) to the polling place. I waited until U. got home from work so we could go together as a family to introduce my 2 year old daughter to our voting process. As whacky as it is (we voted in a Mexican church), and no matter how much you doubt whether your vote matters, it still feels good to be apart (and aware) of the process.

Not since a Presidential election have we been so glued to the news watching the votes come in. We are a house divided for the first time this year as well (as is much of the country), so it's doubling exciting.

I'm registered Non-Partisan so I voted for the Democratic candidate. Everyone at the polling place was super friendly and helpful. When they announced the sole Republican voter - "Republican!" (in order to give him the correct ballot), heads turned and everyone had to laugh (even the Republican). He was definitely a rare breed in our neighborhood.

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Trailhead said...

I'm still an Oregon resident, so I'll probably vote there, but that primary is next to last. I have this feeling things will be resolved before then. But I'll vote anyway. I remember going into the booth with my mom when I was very small.