Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Year, New Job, New Office, New Assistant (Lots of changes in 2008)

The David Bowie song "Changes" is ringing in my ears.

I just accepted a job offer, and I officially start in March. That will give me enough time (hopefully) to get everything in order (i.e., prepare for and get my daughter acclimated to preschool, etc.) to go back to work on a full time basis. Thankfully my employer was willing to wait for me.

While on the phone talking about my job offer, I read Heath Ledger died and immediately instructed the person on the other line to go to tmz.com to read about it. Random I know...but it happened. And the woman I was talking to was just as shocked and interested in the news as I was. Only in LA right? - (can you combine a discussion about your career with a celebrity death newsflash.)

Lots of new changes this will bring:
  • Preschool for my daughter. A big milestone! It's time to get out the permanent marker to write her name on all her clothes and belongings. I never imagined this happening so soon - as it always seemed so far off. I can't believe my baby is going to school already! We were fortunate to find a preschool we like close to my office which makes it easier for me, and gives me more peace of mind.

  • My very own office. My friend and colleague, experienced in interior design, already offered to help me decorate. I'm thinking about getting a goldfish for stress relief and feng-shui, and possibly a mini bar.

  • My own full time assistant that I won't have to share with anyone else. Even better, they are currently interviewing for this position now and I will be meeting with the candidates who make the final round to choose my assistant.

  • Shifting my career into 2nd gear after taking some time off to stay home and raise my 2 year old daughter. I don't regret my decision to stay home for a second. My daughter is so much more confident, social and verbal now since I've been home with her. It gave me quality time with my daughter which is priceless, and the best gift I could have given her & I. I'm also in a much better place than if I would have stayed. So to all the critics who said I was crazy to leave my former job - I say it's only the things that I didn't do that I regret, not the things I have done.

It goes without saying - this is an exciting opportunity and new chapter in my life!

A champagne toast to my new job and all the changes that are already in motion for 2008!


Trailhead said...

Congratulations! Astrid in preschool -- wow. How time does fly.

Rose said...

Isn't it crazy how time flies when you have a kid?

I ran into a friend at a party recently who I hadn't seen in 3 years - and when I asked her "what was new", she said not much, she was just working a lot. Then she pointed at Astrid and said, "Obviously you've been busy."