Saturday, January 19, 2008

Kidfresh - fun, healthy meals-to-go for kids

"You are what you eat! Kidfresh believes in the importance of children eating natural, wholesome and balanced foods. We offer two great ways to provide your children with nutritionally proportioned, organic foods for every meal of the day. Kidfresh meals appeal to both parents and children alike."

1628 2nd Avenue (betw. 84th & 85th)
New York, NY 10028

**UPDATE** - Just got an e-mail from Kidfresh that they only make local deliveries in NY, and do not ship meals. Also no word yet on the nutritional content (sodium, sugar, fat). I guess you have to check the label on the package - that is when it's available in Los Angeles. (See below.)
Hi Rose
Thanks for your interest in Kidfresh. We hope to be in California very soon. At the present time, we don't ship our meals at all. We do local deliveries in the NYC market. As far as nutrition is concerned, our meals are developed with the help of leading pediatric nutritionists and are nutrionally balanced for children.
We hope to be able to service LA in the near future.
All the best
With my daughter starting preschool soon, this creative idea/product interests me and my husband (as we're both busy, working parents), and we want to ensure that our daughter is eating healthy, organic foods, while still being "fun" in order to compete with and be just as enticing as the junk food other kids may be eating.

Purchases can be made online and shipped to the costumer. They're also rolling out their products in Whole Foods stores (currently at 2 NY locations - Columbus Circle, and Union Square).
The Store
Kidfresh is a store in NYC that provides "fun, healthy, freshly prepared meals-to-go just for kids for every meal of the day – without the junk." The store features a bar specially designed for children where they can customize a Shapewich by picking their favorite shape, select from an array of colorful, organic fruits to blend into a smoothie or even color their cupcakes. It also has it's own ice cream station.

Ready Made Meals
Kidfresh meals are packed with natural and organic ingredients that are high in a variety of nutrients, (with no additives, preservatives, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners, and transfats). From breakfast to lunchboxes, snacks and dinners, Kidfresh prepares all the meals you need for your children.

Ordering Online
Kidfresh Grab + Go meals & Mix + Match meals
"Kidfresh recognizes that parents lead busy lives. With this in mind, we offer a helping hand to help keep life simple and convenient."

Kidfresh also offers catering services for your kids' parties. (However, they only service Manhattan at this time.)
Whole Foods
As I mentioned above, Kidfresh products are currently in 2 Whole Foods stores in NY. According to their newsletter, there will be more to come. "Stay tuned for more news regarding Kidfresh's upcoming rollout in other Whole Foods Markets..."

I couldn't find anywhere on the website where it listed the nutritional contents of each. I'm most concerned about the sodium content, as many prepackaged meals are loaded with salt. But I also like to check the labels for sugar, and fat. I e-mailed the company and am waiting for a reply back before I put in my order.

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Anonymous said...

I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old and both are fairly finicky eaters...I went to Whole Foods looking to check out the kidfresh product, and noticed that there is no nutritional information on the packaging. After looking inside one of the pre packaged meals i saw a YoKids yogurt I am familar with that product and I know from buying it before that those yogurt tubes are full of sugars and preservatives...that left me questioning the nutritional level of the product...also the $6.85 price tag was pretty steep even for NYC kids still preferred mom's meals to this product