Friday, January 25, 2008

Colombo's (Italian restaurant in Eagle Rock) & compliment from the 50's

Colombo's Restaurant Italian Steak House
1833 Colorado Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90041

I always thought that Colombo's was overrated. Yes, I know it's been around since 1954 and that's an eternity in LA. But really it's overpriced, barely average Italian food, with a cramped interior. Have you ever been seated in the add on room in the back that looks like a converted garage with wood paneled walls? Accompanied by a $150 tab, I refuse to be seated there again.The main dining room is fine although it can get quite loud with a live band, but the bar is even more convenient because you usually don't have to wait long for a place to open up.

Having said that, I first went to Colombo's about 5 or 6 years ago and it's conveniently located down the street from Colorado Wine Company, so it's an occasional stop for us after Friday night wine tasting.

The Strange Compliment
After finishing our dinner U. asked about the desserts and our mustached bartender Frank responded, "Do you really need dessert?" We were a bit perplexed as to why he would ask this, when Frank finished with, "You have your dessert right there," pointing to me (the dame sitting next to U.). My first thought was "what a sexist comment", and then considering the source it turned into "well the old guy meant it as a compliment."

Later we were told that white haired, undone necktie wearing Frank lives in Las Vegas, and flies down here to bartend from Thursday through Sunday, and then flies back to his home in Vegas every week. Kooky yes. I asked the same question you're probably thinking, "Why doesn't he bartend in Vegas?" Who knows, maybe I'll chat him up about it another night.

On another bright note, I think we found our perfect Friday night meal to share (after wine tasting at Colorado Wine Company):
1) Appetizer - Antipasto salad
2) Entree - Sauteed shrimp "scampi style" on linguine
3) Dessert - Spumoni ice cream cake


CitizenRobots said...

This place is a gem. A freaky, strange, dark sometimes smelly gem.

Anonymous said...

Revisit, the add on room is updated and very nice, the floors have been redone.. lots of happenings at Colombos!