Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Neighborhood Christmas Light Displays (Los Angeles County)

My little one is old enough now to appreciate this holiday season with all its Christmas lights and decorations. We went to the DWP Light Festival in Griffith Park last month, but she's more excited about seeing neighborhood houses decked out for Christmas. "Look Mom...Christmas!" my two and a half year old shouts every time we pass by a house with Christmas lights and a Santa, snowman, or reindeer. So this year we're going to check out some other neighborhood Christmas light displays that I've listed below.

Christmas Tree Lane, Altadena
From the 210, take the Fair Oaks exit. Turn right on Fair Oaks. Turn right onto W. Woodbury Rd. Turn left onto Santa Rosa Ave, which is Christmas Tree Lane.

Turn off your headlights and drive through three very long blocks of large trees sweeping over the street, highly decorated with colored lights. I've been told this is very worth the drive.

Christmas Tree Lane ends at Altadena Dr. Take a right on Altadena Dr. and turn right on Allen Avenue. Proceed to Mendocino Lane, turn left.

Balian House, Altadena
Home to the famous ice cream manufacturer, this estate sits on 3.5 acres and is decorated with 10,000 colored lights and numerous holiday depictions.

Take N. Allen Ave SOUTH until it stops at E. California Blvd. Turn left on E. California Blvd. to S. San Gabriel Blvd. Turn right on S. San Gabriel Blvd. to W. Huntington Dr. Turn right on W. Huntington Drive and continue to St. Albans Road. Turn right on Saint Albans Road, which is Christmas Tree Lane.

Christmas Tree Lane, San Marino
This is the sister street to Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena. Said to be even more spectacular than the Altadena display of lights, this street is backlit with estate homes, whose homeowners have gone all out for the holidays. Meander the streets of San Marino and enjoy the sites, then continue on to Old Pasadena for a respite. There you will find a cup of hot cocoa or a full meal nestled amidst the season's decorations.

Return to W. Huntington Dr. and turn left. Turn left again on S. San Gabriel Blvd. Turn left on E. California Blvd. Turn right on S. Fair Oaks Ave. and continue into Old Pasadena

Upper Hastings Ranch, Pasadena
Each block of the area competes, creating displays with a common theme. Upper Hastings Ranch is bordered by Michillinda Avenue to the East, Sierra Madre Blvd. to the South and Riveria Drive to the West. From the 210 Freeway, take Michillinda Blvd. North to the lights.

St. Albans Road, San Marino
From Upper Hastings Ranch, take Michillinda South to Huntington drive and continue to St. Albans Road, turn right.


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