Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Above is the official trailer for Control - the film about the life and death of Ian Curtis, who was the lead singer of the pioneering English post-punk band Joy Division.

Ian Curtis committed suicide at the age of 23, on the eve of the band's first American tour in 1980. The remaining members later reformed as New Order.

The film is shot entirely in black and white to resemble black and white period photographs, and does a good job of capturing the look of 70's Manchester, England. The star Sam Riley who portrays Ian Curtis does an excellent job of depicting Curtis' youth and vulnerability.

Samantha Morton, who plays Ian Curtis' wife Deborah Curtis, however feels horribly miscast. Usually brilliant in any role she plays, and one of my favorite actresses, she just seems too old for the part (playing opposite to Sam Riley) and their love connection was not believable.

Alexandra Maria Lara, the German actress who plays Annik Honoré, (Ian Curtis' mistress), the Belgian journalist who met Ian Curtis while Joy Division was on their European tour, was perfectly cast. She looked the part and every time you saw the couple on the big screen, you felt their chemistry. (Sparks must have flown off the set as well because both actors are now linked romantically and are said to be a couple.)

The movie is based on the book by Deborah Curtis: "Touching From A Distance" and it's still all speculation (from his wife's perspective) on why Ian Curtis killed himself. My biggest complaint about the movie is that it doesn't offer any additional insight into the singer, the myth. But if you're a Joy Division fan, the movie is pure eye candy to watch, and it's great to see recreations of gigs they played and hearing their music again.

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