Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Wolftrap (South African Wine)

Last month I mentioned that I picked up a bottle of this red wine from South Africa, "The Wolftrap" that I couldn't wait to try. (The original post can be found here.)

Reviewers said they either loved it or hated it. Well, I tried it and I'm happy to report back that I'm a lover. This wine is so SMOOTH. The very next Friday when we were back at Colorado Wine Company (for their wine tasting) U. and I picked up another 3 bottles.

Origin of the Wolftrap Label Name
It's name comes from the fact that when the Dutch moved into the area back during their colonial phase, they brought a fair amount of wolf traps in order to protect themselves. There was only one problem with this: There are no wolves in South Africa. So you have a wine so named because it pokes fun at the Dutch.

Tasting Notes
Dark red-black color with spice, bacon and wood on the nose. Smooth, smokey bacon and spice flavors overshadow subdued, mellow cherry and blackberry fruit. Dry, light mouthfeel with good structure and a black currant finish.

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