Thursday, April 05, 2007

Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing

Random thought of the day:
This video/song by Scissor Sisters reminds me of Amsterdam.

Background info:
When we were in Amsterdam last year (Sept. 2006), Uwe and I would watch MTV videos while the baby was taking a nap in the afternoon. They seemed to play this video over and over again. I didn't mind since it's such a fun pop song reminiscent of disco, but with a modern twist. (And the lead singer is fun to watch dancing around in his metalic purple outfit.)

They were huge in Europe 6 months ago so it's funny that Americans are just now hearing about this band.

When we got back to Los Angeles, Uwe bought me the CD, but it took awhile since it was an import and not yet available in the US.

Anyway, quite random I know. Thank gawd for youtube, where you can find just about any video or song. And did I mention I miss Amsterdam?

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