Friday, April 27, 2007

Julieta Venegas - Me voy

This song came out on the "Limo`n y Sal" album in June 2006. When we were in Italy last September we heard it being played everywhere we went, so for that reason, whenever I hear it I think of our vacation in Italy.

A lot of foreign language songs don't make the cross-over to America, so Kudos to Julieta Venegas. I have no idea what the words are to this Spanish song but it doesn't seem to matter because it has a great melody.

She's also performing at Coachella today.


killstead said...

The title of the song is "Me Voy" and it means "I'm leaving".

The chorus of the song says,

"Qué lástima pero adios, me despido de ti y me voy"

"What a pity but good-bye, I bid you farewell and I'm leaving" (literal translation)

"I'm sorry but good-bye, I bid you farewell, because I'm leaving" (interpreted translation)

At one point Julieta sings, "no voy a llorar y decir que no merezco esto porque, es probable que lo merezco pero no lo quiero y por eso me voy.. que lastima pero adios.."

Which means, "I'm not going to cry and say that I don't deserve this because it's likely that I deserve it but I don't want it and therefore I'm leaving.. so sorry but good-bye..."


Rose said...

Thanks for interpreting. It's a beautiful song.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I was in Italy as well in the summer of '06 and I too fell in love with this song. I thought it was a beautiful love song....Boy was I wrong! Thanks for your blog and interpretation!