Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Recommended book "The Honeymoon's Over"

My husband knows that the way to my heart is through books. One of the gifts I received for Valentine's Day was a booked called, "The Honeymoon's Over" a collection of essays/articles written by 24 women writers bearing their souls about their marriages; exploring their experiences, feelings, struggles, and joy.

Last week I had torn out a magazine article from "O" magazine (with the nail salon's permission) written by Ann Hood, and brought it home to share with Uwe. Uwe was also touched by the story, and by researching the author he found that her article was included as one of the 24 stories in, "The Honeymoon's Over."

This book will make you laugh out loud, weep, and at times feel overwhelmed by the honesty of the material. This was the sweetest and most thoughtful Valentine's Day gift.

Here is an except from "A Love Story" by Lee Montgomery (What a great name!). This year marks her 20th wedding anniversary, but she and her husband Tom are celebrating 25 years of sleeping together.

"I fell in love with Tom Byrnes so hard it took my breath away. I had never loved, nor will I ever love anyone as much. After decades, I look at him and cry. I cry because he is my best friend. I cry because no one has loved me as much and I cry because this love is embedded in the smallest and simplest things. I love to hear him sing. I love the way he dissects the Sunday New York Times the same way every week. I love to watch him do stupid things with our stupid dogs or accost strangers with their dogs on the sidewalk. 'Hi, Killer,' he yells. I love to watch him play with kids, flirt with my mother, or hold his own mother's hand. I love that he is a clothes horse, no apologies offered, and the fact that he studies catalogs full of English handmade shoes. I have had the best sex, the best love, with my husband, and friends often comment on how we are made for each other. They tell us that they don't know any other couple as dedicated or so in love. It's true, I think, but it doesn't mean it's true every minute of every day.

When people ask if we've ever considered divorce, we laugh, and quote some wise soul. Divorce? Never. Homicide often. We've had some dark days, but the light ones outnumber the dark."

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