Friday, August 25, 2006

Sometimes men just can't handle the truth

Today I was on a conference call with a client and a consultant. Now keep in mind both are men. The client had questioned a large medical claim and the use of "Dition" in describing a complication during the childbirth. I relayed how nurses sometimes use this acronym to refer to damage to the uterus and went on to explain that in essence this claim was a result of complications of a c-section due to a scar on the uterus.

The response I got from my client was, "Oh. You could have just said it was a 'girl thing." and then both normally mature men started giggling like little boys. As I sat there, the only woman in the room and in on the conversation, wondering what was so funny (did I say "Uranus"?), it donned on me that sometimes men just don't want to know about female things, as it makes them uncomfortable. Women on the other hand will talk about it with other women and it doesn't bother us in the least. (Probably because we've all gone through it and go through it every month).

So after the giggles died down I jokingly responded with, "Well since we're all grown ups here, I thought we could all handle it."

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Trailhead said...

This is fascinating, and you're so right. Good for you for being the voice of maturity and reason.

Even though I still think the word "uranus" is funny. :)