Friday, June 13, 2008

Sex and the City movie

This was one of my favorite scenes. No spoilers here.

U. kept telling me not to see it because it was getting horrible reviews . Yet, I kept hearing from women how much they loved it. Just about every woman I've come into contact with in the last week has asked me if I've seen the movie yet and told me that they really enjoyed it - couldn't believe it had so much nudity and sex scenes - and one lady even told me she cried at the end. So with U. being in Germany and tonight being our usual date night - I made a game time decision to go see Sex and the City.

And I liked it. (It feels a little bit like the old classic LIFE cereal commercial - "Mikey he likes it. He really likes it.")
It was great seeing the girls again.

I went in with low expectations. They could have done so many things wrong and made the characters into caricatures of themselves. But the writers did a good job. It had its contrived moments of course, as well as bad fashion choices, but what made up for it were many touching and bonding moments that made it watchable and enjoyable. I even teared up and laughed at moments. It was like seeing old friends again and not realizing how much you missed them.

Will I rent it and force U. to watch it? Probably not. It's a major chick flick. But I have to admit it was fun too!

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